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The Shielders Company and Dr. Deborah Hill

October 23, 2021
Above all else, Dr. Deborah Hill became a licensed and board-certified chiropractor in the state of California because she wanted to help people. That is the case for most people who enter the medical profession. However, unlike many other highly accomplished doctors of chiropractic in and out of California who have treated many patients for all kinds of medical conditions, Dr. Hill has always had a slightly different focus, on personal betterment. That is because she wants her patients to lead a better life.

That is why Dr. Deborah Hill’s efforts often extend well beyond short-term treatment and cure. Back in the 1980s, for example, when she a director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center, she developed a practice called Myoprobe Therapy. That type of therapy was unique, in that it tended to eliminate pain and produce a full range of movement for those who suffered pain, including arthritis sufferers, all without the use of medications, including those capable of causing lasting harm to patients. By showing patients the power of the mind, she was reducing the possibility of addiction.